HEALTHCARE LIABILTYSolid experience in defending medical malpractice cases

Healthcare Liability

Fee, Smith & Sharp has solid experience in defending medical malpractice cases on behalf of various categories of health care providers.

Fee, Smith & Sharp represents employers in healthcare settings, including independent senior living, assisted living, home health, skilled nursing, and hospice care providers as well as hospitals, healthcare systems, other institutional providers of healthcare services, physicians, individual healthcare professionals, practice groups, and ancillary service providers within the healthcare marketplace. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, private industry hospital workers have a higher incidence of injury and illness—6.0 cases per 100 full-time workers—than employees working in other industries traditionally considered dangerous, such as manufacturing and construction. Our attorneys have managed hundreds of cases involving injuries stemming from routine caregiving to accidents related to emergency room visits, including sprains and strains, slipped discs and other back injuries, punctures, and cuts.

Aggressively Defend Cases


Our goal is to make an early assessment and resolve these matters promptly to minimize workplace disruption. We aggressively defend cases in which there is no liability exposure, prevailing at summary judgment dismissing complaints, and resolving matters through mediation and arbitration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What steps should my company take to prepare for potential litigation in Texas?

If your company is facing the possibility of litigation in Texas, it’s essential to take certain steps to prepare. First, gather and organize all relevant documents, contracts, and communications related to the dispute. Consult with your in-house legal team or engage outside counsel to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case. It’s crucial to preserve any electronic or physical evidence that may be relevant to the litigation. Finally, communicate openly and regularly with your trial lawyer to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the situation and develop an effective legal strategy.

Can my company be sued in multiple jurisdictions in Texas?

Yes, it’s possible for a company to be sued in multiple jurisdictions within Texas. This can occur if the company has operations, employees, or significant contacts in different counties or cities across the state. In such cases, it’s crucial to work with an experienced trial lawyer who understands the complexities of multi-jurisdictional litigation. They can help you navigate the various procedural rules and strategize the most effective approach to handle the litigation in each jurisdiction.

How long does the litigation process typically take for a company in Texas?

The duration of litigation can vary widely depending on the specific circumstances of the case. Complex commercial disputes involving companies often take longer than simple personal injury cases. The litigation process in Texas generally involves several stages, including pleadings, discovery, pre-trial motions, trial, and potentially an appeal. It’s challenging to provide an exact timeline, as each case is unique. However, your trial lawyer can provide a rough estimate based on their experience and knowledge of the specific court where the case is being litigated.

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